Get to Know Me and My Practice

My clients are not limited to one profile. In my practice, I work with couples, singles, families, lawyers, pre-teenager to Sen-agers. Anyone seeking help with issues and stresses of life are invited to work with me.

Do you tell me what to do?

I can understand your concern. Many people probably have agendas for you and you need a safe place where you can freely explore what’s right for you. I sometimes don’t know what's good for me. How could I possibly know what's good for you? Let's explore together.

You state that, “Therapy does not have to last forever”. If I came to see you, how long would I have to be in therapy?

There's no set time. I have clients who've gotten what they needed; they stop coming; and in a few months and/or years later will come back for a “tune-up”. Starting and stopping is up to you. You're the best judge to decide if you’re getting what you want and/or if you’ve gotten what you wanted.

You talk about “she” and “he”. Do you also treat homosexual couples?

Absolutely! I wish there were gender neutral words in the English language, and I don’t know them if there are. I’d be very happy to learn them if there are. Please let me know.

Do you only work with this type of issue?

No, I treat people with many other types of problems and concerns as well.

Can you guarantee that counseling will work?

I wish that I could. I can guarantee that I will be present and available to you at each of our sessions. I want everyone to have the loving and caring relationship that they want. I will provide a safe place for you to work on the issues that are keeping you from getting what you want.